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I have to be honest, I had never heard of Moving Comfort and it was only by chance that I came across them.  But… they have become one of my favourite brands of sports wear that I’ve ever come across.  A few months ago I wrote a blog post for Sports Sister online magazine.  You can read my blog here.  In return for writing blogs, they send contributors a gift of a Moving Comfort sports bra.  The type of bra I received was the ‘Juno‘, all of the bras they make have their own unique name.  My initial thoughts were that this was extremely generous of both Sports Sister and Moving Comfort to give away free gifts.  Then after testing out the bra I realised how extra lucky I was to be given this gift.  The bra is incredible.IMG_0957

Review – Juno bra

The material that the Juno bra is made with is really soft and feels great on your skin.  It’s also pretty thick and durable so I have no doubt that I will be using them for a long time.  This is especially useful when you are running with a pack on you back and there is a change of rubbing.  The material across the front has qualities similar to neoprene.  It absorbs moisture from your skin and dries off pretty quickly so you don’t feel sweaty and wet while exercising.

IMG_1275  The shoulder straps are adjustable with IMG_1277velcro which is brilliant as, lets face it, not every woman is exactly the same shape.  This is also really good as if you are training extra hard one day you can adjust the straps to get more support and if you don’t need them so tight one day then you just loosen them.  You can also undo them completely if you decide to sunbathe in the park after a run!!!


The bra has both racer back and a three-hook adjustable chest strap.  I find this absolutely brilliant as the only bras I would run in are racer back so that the straps don’t slip down and become a nuisance while I’m running but it’s also fantastic to be able to make the chest band to the fit that I want it.  Having three hooks makes it far more supportive and sturdy than two hooks.  Moving Comfort bras also come in a massive variety of vibrant colours and patterns so there is something to suit everyone.

After wearing this bra for a while I then wrote to Moving comfort and asked if they would be interested in supporting my African run by providing me with the bras I will need for the run.  Fortunately for me they were very interested.  And I soon received a few bras.


One thought on “Moving comfort

  1. Din September 7, 2014 / 1:41 pm

    I really love the MC Collections since years. Especially their sports bras offer literally everything I expect from a sports bra – performance, support and by the way all of the are simply stylish.


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