Very Helpful Companies (People)

In no particular order, all of these companies/people have helped put together our adventure.  Without them, none of what we are trying to do would be possible.  We really can’t thank you all enough.  You have all shown massive kindness and generosity, thank you so much.

Berghaus RGB GREY LogoBerghaus very kindly kitted out the whole ‘Head over Heels’ team with waterproof jackets which were great, especially once we were in the rainy season.  They also gave a few other bits and bobs to help keep us warm.


 Cheshire Sports Therapy helped Emma prepare for the run with fortnightly sessions keeping her in tune and enabling her to overcome injuries quickly.




Mini-Max was the main garage involved in getting Cleopatra ready to be the support vehicle. Their advice and help was invaluable.


Keletso LOGO

Dr Keletso Nyathi at Maerua Medical Centre was our on call doctor and gave perfect diagnosis and advice when first Woocash and then Mike were seriously ill. He also taught the team First Aid and common medical problems to be aware of in Southern Africa. I would definitely recommend him.


 TravelPharm generously gave us some money to spend as we liked! TravelPharm sell a huge variety of very necessary kit for travelling ranging from: the cheapest malaria tablets we could find, to mosquito nets, to a variety of first aid kits.

HPS logo white jpeg


 Hollybrook Power Supplies put together a solar power kit, made it simple for us to use and got it to us in double quick time. They do all things solar power for boats, caravans and cars.




Clif Logo JPEG Vertical

Clif Bar donated a small hillside of bars, bloks and gels that were an essential part of the run’s success. Emma had one every morning before her first run of the day. Clif Bar products are great for energy and even better the bloks didn’t melt in the heat in africa.




Mitex gen

Mitex make quality two-way radios and kindly provided two at cost price. The radios were fantastic and worked up to 6 miles in some areas! I love them.

incognito logo (large type)

Incognito make effective mosquito-repellent that is eco-friendly environmentally friendly and deet free. To find any insect repellent that works for me is fantastic. The best way to not get malaria, sleeping sickness, tick bite fever is to not get bitten.


WS logo Wild stoves have a host of cooking solutions which I wanted to take with me, but none looked quite right until the Ezystove came on offer. Lightweight and can cook large pots on it. We happily cooked 2/3 meals a day on it for 4/5 people and finding wood to burn in it was easy. In addition the wood we used wasn’t used by local people, as it was too small, so we weren’t taking firewood away from them.


Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies donated beautiful cards that we could give out as gifts instead of sweets. The children who received them were really happy.


Water-to-go supplied water bottles and filters as we were worried about water quality. Polio still exists in Northern Mozambique. Surprisingly, in the rural areas we had access to good quality borehole water. Where we really need the bottles was in the cities. The bottles made the water safe to drink and I definitely preferred the taste of the water after it had been filtered. And I still use it now I’m back in the UK, to cut down on plastic rubbish.


Moving Comfort kindly donated sports bras to look after important parts of the Head over Heels team!

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  1. Zoe Turner February 22, 2015 / 8:35 pm

    terrific use of terminology within the piece, it really did help when i was surfing around

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