So, it’s the end of my first month of training towards Africa. In some ways I feel I have achieved quite a lot and in other ways perhaps not so much.  January has been a quite hectic month for me generally.  I’ve had some long days at work which have meant missing out on training altogether.  I’ve also had lots of events going on which has meant I haven’t really been at home a lot and I have been trying to squeeze in training wherever I’veDSC_0017 travelled to.  On the plus side, this has given me the opportunity to run Snowdonia, the Cairngorms and London all in the past few weeks.

My training has changed over the past month in the way that I haven’t managed as many sessions per week but I have increased the distance I run per session. I’m going to look positively on this and say its a good thing, it wasn’t deliberate, but its good.  I haven’t managed to get any yoga sessions in yet which I’m a little disappointed about but I just haven’t found time yet.  I have got a couple of circuits classes in and I’ve also been doing core workouts with my climbing partner.  Overall I’m feeling fighting fit and ready to crank things up a notch in February.

January total miles: 91.7 miles

January longest run: 14 miles

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