Advice: on cars

Jay tells me that driving a car at 4mph behind Emma whilst she runs (he does not know speedy Emma) is not good for cars. It might not be good for Emma – me, sitting comfortably in the 4×4 behind her, munching chocolate bars, whilst she is busting her knees. Jay runs the garage, Mini-max, where I shall soon be studying. He wants to know what my plan is as, “no car in the world can manage that”. Clearly a challenge for engineers everywhere, please design the slowest car ever – Oh, that’ll be a tank! Slow moving and potentially rhino proof.

Or a cheaper and friendlier option is the bike after all (We will still have a car, before anyone gets confused, it will be nearby, but the bike can be right beside her). This means, I will have to learn how to fix a bike too (no kidding, its something I’ve avoided learning for most of my life). They say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks: if they can’t teach me, Emma will have a lot to do aside from running a marathon each day.

Other than that, during our Saturday night catch up, I learn that if you aren’t strong enough to loosen the wheel nuts when changing a tyre, you can use a spray or heat (he’s thinking of a blow torch, not charcoal from a log fire or equatorial sunshine).

I am feeling a little apprehensive about working in the garage in a few weeks time, I don’t like that part of learning when you are in a permanent state of confusion and even simple tasks start to elude you. Apparently, there’s no heating. I am going to be coooold.