Northern Mozambique


Beautiful beautiful Northern Mozambique! A nature lover’s dream. We are on a road that doesn’t exist on our maps. Helpful locals direct us on our way. The forest is tightly packed with trees either side of us. As we come over a hill the forest stretches into the distance: mile upon mile of shades of green and splashes of red. The temperature is cooler here. There is a sense of peacefulness between villages. The road has big drifts of dust and pot holes. Further north, the forest hides lions and elephants. But we have no reason to fear them here.


Food is tasty and costs only pennies in the villages. We have delicious tomatoes and onions with bread and tuna for lunch. For dessert: perfectly ripened bananas and mangos.

We are all happier in this environment.

If you can, go visit this beautiful area. My heart was saddened to see majestic broad trees on the backs of trucks. Go now before the forest is gone and feel what the world was like when trees thickly covered the earth.

After a few yards, even Cleo becomes hidden


Number of Days: 78

Total distance run by Emma: 3304 km, 2053 miles

Daily average distance run by Emma (including rest days): 42.4 km, 26.3 miles

Distance run today: 59.32 km, 36.86 miles