Sacred Space

Shade is hard to find in the dry season and essential for Emma and Mike to be able to rest properly. Eventually, over a hill we find this green tree near a village. Apparently, the people use it as a church and take care of the area, which is why the tree is flourishing despite the lack of rain. The head of the village says that we are welcome to rest under there. Which is pretty amazing. Being a sacred area I chose to respect that and cook and eat outside the space. We use it only for Emma to sleep under and for us to have a quiet moment sitting under the tree. I found it soothing and joyful sitting the tree and it still makes me smile remembering that moment.



Number of Days: 42

Total distance run by Emma: 1791 km, 1113 miles

Daily average distance run by Emma (including rest days): 42.6 km, 26.5 miles

Distance run today: 56.81 km, 35.30 miles


Namibian Embassy and making cheap international calls

The Namibian Embassy have emailed me back, I am to contact the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Youth National Service Sport and Culture to ask permission and advice! I’m a bit overawed. The Permanent Secretary!

As it turns out, the office of the Permanent Secretary advise me to call the Directory of Sport who advise me to call the Deputy Director of Community Sport and Development.

Luckily, I find, and for £5 I buy myself 83 minutes worth of calls to Namibia. I have used 11 minutes and 70p.

I get through to Mr Bernard-Kaanjuka, who is a delight to speak to. It feels like he is gently laughing at me or may be with me, but definitely gentle laughter.