Sunrise, Emma and Mike set off every day at dawn

Emma is taking a rest day tomorrow. We stop early today (early by Emma’s standards at this point means after 40km) and head north to Lichinga to check into a hotel where we can enjoy soft comfortable clean smelling beds, showers with plenty of warm water and privacy. We all still wake up by 5am the next day, which is a lie-in.


This video is of Emma running through a village in Mozambique and in to her stopping point for the day. I like it because it gives a good feel of what the journey was like:

Lichinga is a busy hot town and extra busy because it is Saturday. To get cash, I stand for hours in a long queue of people squashed together and overheating in the sun. It seems there are 10 people in each booth. Many people are getting money for other people. The queue barely moves. Happily, after a couple of hours Woocash discovers a bank that hardly any one is using, in a mere 45 minutes I am at the front and happily there is no pushing behind me. The local market is a relief to enter, shaded and filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. After I have paid for produce, I frequently receive extra gifts of onions, avocadoes and tomatoes from the sellers. It seems to be their custom. An empty water bottle is taken from my bag. In the UK, many water bottles are thrown in the bin every day and here they are valuable enough to steal.

The next day we head back out into the wilderness and this is when I fell in love with Mozambique.



Day 76 distance run: 40.47 km, 25.14 miles
Day 77 distance run: 0 km, 0 miles

Number of Days: 77

Total distance run by Emma: 3244 km, 2016 miles

Daily average distance run by Emma (including rest days): 42.1 km, 26.2 miles

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