What made you choose Robert?

I would like to introduce you to Jackson because I’m sure if you met him, you’d get on well. He’s one of those people. Also, he and his wife, Marie, founded The SEED Project. One of the charities we are raising funds for. Today, I recorded him talking about SEED’s Project Manager, Robert Kazunga. This means, within 1 minute,  you get to meet Jackson (as much as is possible), and hear about Robert and SEED.

Robert is outstanding in his role and passionate about his country and his job. When Jackson first met Robert, he was a gardener in Harare, Zimbabwe, now, he is SEED’s Project Manager. Robert’s solution to the cholera outbreak was recognised by a UN organisation as an example of best practice: educating over 70,000 people with only 2 staff.  In this clip, I asked Jackson, “what made you choose Robert?” Robert’s story is SEED’s story.

2 thoughts on “What made you choose Robert?

  1. shawjanet88 June 5, 2014 / 4:34 am

    Robert is a remarkable man who goes through life with a high level of moral integrity, remaining true to his beliefs, his family and his community despite really trying circumstances. I worked with him on overlapping projects from 2005 to 2008. He never seemed to be fazed, always seemed to be in a good mood and looking for the next opportunity to help someone else, whether it was coordinating and coaching the Greendale Gardeners Soccer Team, helping someone find school fees or just generally being a great dad to his children and a positive, friendly person. He never pushed himself forward or tried to make himself into a big deal. SEED is really lucky to have him.

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