February (better late than never!!)

So, February wasn’t as productive as I would have hoped.  In the way of increasing mileage anyway. But I suppose I have started to lay the foundations for my training in a really a positive way.

I have started to see my physio again which is working on ironing out all of the problems I have.  Loosening up my muscles, strengthening my knees. All aspects of running which are easily neglected but play a vital role in remaining injury free, therefore helping me to complete my charity run.  I managed to go to circuit training at Sandbach Fit club a few times which is an amazing all round training session. Fantastic for building up strength.

run014I have gained a new running partner who is super keen for trail running which is great for me. He knows lots of places to run that I don’t know and also works shifts meaning we can run together in the week. I have managed a couple of long runs but not as many as I had hoped.  I’m not too concerned about this as there is still plenty of time, and I do worry about overloading my knees too early.  I have also had my only run in the snow this year, it was so pretty. What a shame the winter has been so mild!

Just as with January I have had lots of events going on this month so it’s been a case of IMG_0420slotting in training around other things. I turned 30 so there has been lots of celebrations to squeeze training around. At the beginning of the month I spent a few days in Scotland doing more winter mountaineering so there was no running then and at the end of the month I went out to Taiwan to visit my brother.  I can’t complain as these are all things that I want to be doing.  I am eager to start building up my mileage but I need to remember that its still at least six months before I leave.




February total mileage: 97.7miles

February longest run: 16miles

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